Template:Infobox television Bravest Warriors is an upcoming American animated television series created by Pendleton Ward. This TV show is set to air on Cartoon Network in July 2013. This is also one of Cartoon Network's new original series, the others are "Uncle Grandpa", "Steven Universe", "I Heart Tuesdays", "Clarence", and so much more. This TV series is based on the Cartoon Hangover web series of the same name. Because of the adult content the web show obviously uses sometimes, this TV show was originally meant to be an Adult Swim original series, but because of the art style, artwork, and design, it got rejected for looking what Adult Swim describes as "way too extremely mind-blowingly cute". Instead, Cartoon Network had to pick it up, because there are many Adventure Time fans dying for this show to air on Cartoon Network. This TV series is rated TV-PG.


Season 1Edit

  • Time Slime
  • Tickle Monster
  • Emerald City
  • Emotion Lord
  • Memory Donk
  • Catbug
  • Dan Before Time
  • The Trouble with Clackers
  • Robo Chris
  • Jelly in a Jam
  • Bread Headed Guy
  • Parental Guide
  • Lavarynth
  • Horsing Around
  • The Bunless
  • Gas Powered Stick
  • Jelly Power
  • Merewif Tag
  • Food Court Zombies
  • Sugarbellies

Season 2Edit

  • Aeon Worm
  • Ralph Waldo Prison Chips
  • Plum Love
  • Butter Lettuce
  • Cereal Master
  • Monster Plum
  • Cellar Lord
  • Jelly Kid Forever
  • Ultra Wankershim
  • Catbug's Away Team
  • Mexican Touchdown
  • Hamster Priest
  • Pixel Problem
  • Dumb Plum
  • Mouse Trap
  • Jealousy, Jealous Do
  • Cat-Astro-Phe
  • Simulator Prison
  • Mere-Man
  • Emo Trip

Season 3Edit

  • The 5th Warrior
  • Hi-5 High
  • Pizza Party Panic
  • Trash Bashed
  • Catbugged
  • Bravest Destroyers
  • Adventure Time
  • The Diemension Garden
  • The Puppetyville Horror
  • Moop Problems
  • Dan Of Future Past