Iain Wallcroft
Background information
Theme Song(s)
Theme Animal Crow
Theme Color Black
Character information
Age 27
Gender Male
Occupation Bounty Hunter and Assassin
Species Human
Goal Hired to kill the Bravest Warriors
Relatives Brother (unnamed, killed)

Wife (unnamed, killed) Mother and Father (unnamed)

Enemies Bravest Warriors
Likes Work, medicine, hardcore wrestling, classical music
Dislikes Idiots, rich people, his enemies
Powers and abilities
Weapons Grey Crossbow
Quote “Survival of the fittest.”
Sticker Pet Grey Crow

Special Thanks to I love glory for programming the character box. If you have a question leave a message on his wall.Iain Wallcroft is one of the secondary antagonists of the Bravest Warriors, being hired by a mysterious contractor (alongside 3 other hitmen) to kill all 4 members of the aforementioned team. He is voiced by Alex Ivanovici.

Background Edit

What is known about Iain’s background history is extremely vague. Most of his background records has been erased, but some info has been recorded by various detectives around the world.

Growing up, Iain’s father served in the Galactic Space Spec Ops while his mother worked as a pharmacist. He had an elder brother whose name is unknown, who studied on archaic tech.

Iain was known for being a hard-working kid, as well as being a realist for someone of his age. He excelled academically and graduated to serve in the Galactic Space Spec Ops, just like his father. He was one of the youngest, yet one of the most competent agents of their corps.

Iain and his brother shared a love for wrestling, to which Iain utilises many maneuvers in combat from now on.

He left the Galactic Space Spec Ops with an honorable discharge, and that’s all we know about his early life.

Appearance == Iain is a 5’10 Irish male with a thin build and black shoulder length hair. He wears a black military style hoodie (grey crow insignia on his shoulder) and grey pants with harness and jackboots. Iain also sports a duffel bag and torso protection rumoured to be made of titanium.

Abilities Edit