Lee Martins
Background information
Theme Song(s)
Theme Animal Dragon
Theme Color Teal
Character information
Age 16
Gender Male
Occupation Adventurer
Species Human
Goal Become a great adventurer
Residence The City of Virturon
Relatives Giuseppe Martins (father)

Sorine Martins (mother)

Allies Vinnie, Rose, Wallow, Beth, Chris, Wallow
Enemies Mitch, Death
Likes Adventuring, driving ships, swords, slaying evil
Dislikes Clowns, The Scary Maze Game, dying
Powers and abilities Lightning, fires blue firebolts
Weapons Bow
Sticker Pet Dragon

Special Thanks to I love glory for programming the character box. If you have a question leave a message on his wall.

Lee Martins is a fan made character created by Heroic Gaming. 

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